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Welcome to We All Love Crafts

About us

Welcome to We All Love Crafts!

My name is Alix. I am located in Sacramento, California.

I've been crafting for many many years. I started my business as a paper die cutting supplier then transitioned to a jewelry and accessories seller. I've been owning an Etsy shop since 2004 and gaining lots of trusts and good feedback from customers all over the country.

After getting to meet a few artists who have common interest, this website was built. Current products on this website contains total of 4 people's works. 3 artists including me do the crochet, resin and clay works and 1 artist does the illustration.

I started to vend at local craft fairs and events in the end of 2023 and I realized how great to chat with people who love our creations in person.

I realized it has such great benefits to own a true "personal" website that we can be more interactive with all customers and supports. It adds personal touch to the relationship between us.  We are not only a seller and a buyer but more of creator and supporter.

I want to thank you to stop by my website and I hope you will enjoy all the goodies that I am offering. Be sure to come back to check periodically because I would like to wow and spoil you with unique and something that just for you only!


We All Love Crafts